Paola Rodriguez



With a background in accessory design and ceramics, Colombian artist and designer Paola Rodriguez found her niche in fashion in 2011. After several traditional collections, Paola now brings her focus to one of a kind pieces, reworked vintage and small editions, no longer presenting biannual collections or adhering to a typical ready to wear calendar. 

This shift allows more creative freedom and builds her story in an organic and intuitive way, developing a line that marries her surroundings and values while creating beautiful and interesting pieces through an ethical and sustainable process. 

Throughout the year, several series are released. One of a kind garments hand embellished by Paola using various handcraft techniques and small runs of classic styles made by hand in Europe, using considered fabrics in small quantities as to minimize waste and support small scale mills. Combining embroidery, weaving, appliqué, knitting and dyeing using traditional techniques, Paola is involved in the creation of every garment affirming her DIY ethos and production awareness. 

Arriving in Europe in 2001, Paola brought with her a passion for crafts and workmanship that is integral to each of her creations. You can find her works on her web store and at selected boutiques worldwide.